Marcel PendersI am the General Manager of Paul Penders eStore and also Paul’s brother! I am the person ultimately responsible for everything that happens to your order – from the time of ordering until your products are shipped to any destination in the world. Paul Penders eStore is located in The Netherlands, and, apart from shipping, all operations are handled by our Netherlands-based team. Our shipping warehouse is located in Berkeley, California. We receive many queries from both our eStore customers and retailers, and these are all answered within 24 hours. Our team strives to give you, our loyal customers, “24/7” service at each step of the ordering and shipping process. Quite simply, our goal is to ensure that each and every one of our customers is completely satisfied with the quality of our products as well as that of our service. We recently opened our new GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) factory in Langkawi, which is a beautiful island in the Andaman Sea, off the coast of Malaysia and Thailand. I traveled to this beautiful rainforest island in April and would like to share some of my experiences with you…

After traveling for 15 hours from Amsterdam to Malaysia, I boarded another plane that finally brought me to Langkawi Island. Within a few short hours, I fell totally in love with the placeLangkawi Island. I was left in no doubt as to why Paul had chosen to settle down in this part of the world. The smell of fresh flowers permeates the air; sometimes mixed with the smell of local herbs or trees. Even from the plane, I was impressed by the stunning mountains, fresh waterfalls and streams, clear blue ocean water, and beautiful beaches. This is truly the closest to Paradise that I can think of! Paul showed me around the new factory, which is nestled between stunning rainforest mountains. Our premises are located in a small industrial area consisting of traditional companies that produce medicines and ointments from locally grown herbs and plants.

Clearly, there is no need to stipulate the “Organically Grown” label, as everything is grown naturally – following traditional methods that date back many centuries. A research laboratory Paul Pendershas also been set up as part of our Langkawi operations in order to study and utilize the unique properties of the local rainforest ingredients. Under the guidance of our cosmetic chemist, Dr. Gatot, we are developing some exciting new products. Paul’s factory is, by necessity, small because each product is carefully blended, almost exclusively by hand. Wherever possible, local staff are employed in the factory in an effort to give something back to the community. Talking about giving back… Paul Penders Company set up the FIRST relief fund for tsunami victims and donated sizeable sums of money WITHIN DAYS of the tsunami striking this island as well as many other places in the local area.

FoodPaul Penders Company was initially started with the express purpose of fighting against animal testing, and, after 30 years, Paul is still an activist. His continuing concern for the wellbeing of animals is demonstrated by the bunch of animals who currently share his house on the island. His love for nature is seemingly limitless. I truly enjoyed my week-long stay on this fantastic island with him. I learned a lot as well. I have seen again, at first hand, that I can be very proud of being involved in the Paul Penders eStore and assisting Paul to get his products out to all parts of the world.

Although Paul initially didn’t want to hear about it… I’m pleased to say that he has agreed to continue with the very successful FREE SAMPLING PROGRAM that I started last year. The success of this initiative was so overwhelming that we were finally obliged to stop it. But I convinced Paul that it also produced a lot of loyal new customers who otherwise may never have tried Paul Penders skincare products! So here we are again… For 2 months we will be extending this program. (Paul Penders Sample Skincare Program is no longer available since October 17, 2005.)

And lastly… the food! I can’t stop raving about the
great meals I experienced – bountiful fresh greens, local herbs, and marvelous varieties of rice. All were prepared with love and patience. For just a few dollars a healthy meal of incredible quality, freshness, and fine taste can be had. Langkawi is simply a paradise for lovers of great food!

Marcel PendersPlease contact me if you have any questions about Langkawi, Paul Penders Company, or about my trip. or about this newsletter! To all our valued customers, thank you so much.

Marcel Penders

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