Paul Penders June 2007 e-News
Paul Penders is an active environmentalist and avid animal rights activist who incorporates these beliefs into his products. His philosophy of "no chemicals" and "no animal testing" started with shampoos and later on evolved into a bounty of new skincare products for people of all ages.

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Detox Chain Adds Paul Penders Products
Trips Show Little Known Side of Rainforest
Triathlete Represents Paul Penders Line
Triathlete Magazine Recognizes PP Cold Processing

The LifeCo is a new kind of wellness center, taking the concept of holistic health and beauty beyond onsite treatments to enrich virtually all facets of clients' lives through detoxification programs, educational tools and even restaurants. The rapidly expanding chain has now also added Paul Penders natural organic skin care products.
Based in Turkey with facilities in the UK, Sweden and Germany, The LifeCo was founded in 2002 on the premise that good health is a continuum rather than an absolute state. It believes that optimal health is attainable by following the "75-25" rule. This balanced approach advocates including healthier options in one's life 75% of the time while maintaining one's normal lifestyle the remaining 25%.
Those healthier options include a range of techniques that The LifeCo offers to promote wellbeing such as yoga, medication, steam bath, massage, floatation tank and detoxification. This latter procedure, The LifeCo says, will help purify the body of toxins accumulated from a modern lifestyle and help restore youthful energy levels. It can also temporarily erase as many as 10 years from the appearance.
To help clients address wellness in other aspects of their lives, The LifeCo offers a variety of educational resources including seminars, workshops, classes and books. It is also opening vegetarian restaurants in selected facilities to help encourage healthy eating. The Saf restaurants, which include dining, juice bars and martinis bars, use fresh, organic ingredients that are rich in favor, while introducing fewer toxins into the body than mass produced foods. In the Turkish language, "saf" means purity.
The Paul Penders line, which is formulated with organic herbs from the Malaysian Langkawi Geopark rainforest, fits this approach perfectly. 
"We wanted to work with Paul Penders from the very beginning because we believe in his products, his philosophy and ethical values,"says The LifeCo's Burcu Kanpak, "and we appreciate his story very much".
That story includes Paul Penders' long refusal to conduct product testing on animals and the company's subsequent relocation from The Netherlands to the United States after Dutch authorities had threatened to shut down the company for not using animals to validate cosmetic safety. Penders notes that animal testing has not conclusively demonstrated product safety, but was quite cruel to test subjects.
The LifeCo is also an excellent fit for the Paul Penders products.
"We really appreciate working with The LifeCo," says company president Paul Penders. "There aren't many centers that take an approach that is so comprehensive. We are honored that they have chosen our products for their clients."
Earlier this year, Paul Penders visited The LifeCo; he is pictured above with company founder Ersin Pamuksuzer.
For more information about The LifeCo, please click here.
In the past, tourists had few opportunities to see the untouched parts of Langkawi's ancient rainforests. That has now changed, however, with the opportunity to participate in eco-tours.
The tours, which are organized by Fox Hill Resort on Langkawi, are based on the idea of sharing experiences with people from different cultures, religions and lifestyles. Paul Penders, helps support these tours, believing that they bring enormous satisfaction to both residents and tourists.
Participants enjoy a relaxed atmosphere in which they can learn local handcrafts and healthy cooking, trek through the jungle, climb mountains, sail and swim in clear, unpolluted rivers, and visit beaches that few tourists have ever seen. They can also enjoy tropical massages and healing sessions through acupuncture, yoga and reflexology. The experience is designed to reconnect participants with nature and recharge both the inner self and the physical body.
Fox Hill Resort is set on a peaceful, picturesque tropical hill with spectacular views of the mountains and rice fields in the center of beautiful Langkawi Island. It was established by two close friends of Paul Penders who were actively involved during the Tsunami rescue operations of 2004. This experience changed their lives, making them realize the importance of multicultural understanding and giving back to local communities.
The accommodations consist of Malaysian village-style chalets with queen size beds, full-featured bathrooms, and refreshment facilities. Guests dine in an original century-old Malay kampong-style house and swim in the luxury pool surrounded by the wondrous sights and sounds of nature.
Earlier this year, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) named Langkawi Island the world's 8th Geopark. This designation recognizes the region for its unique flora and fauna, and is an honor conferred upon only very few locations.
For more details about Fox Hill Resort eco-tours, please click here.
Earlier this year, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) named Langkawi Island the world's 8th Geopark. This makes the Malaysian island the world's 8th Geopark, and the only Geopark surrounded by 99 exotic tropical islands.
Langkawi was awarded Geopark status by an UNESCO panel of assessors including Professor Zhao Xun of the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, International Geoscience Programme deputy secretary Dr. Margarette Patzak, and Dr. Patrick McKeever of Northern Ireland Geological Survey. The announcement will be formally issued in June.
Sheltered by the mountains of the Malaysian peninsula, Langkawi enjoys sunny skies almost year round. With natural white sand beaches, clear turquoise waters, lush jungle foliage and craggy mountain peaks, the island is known for its natural beauty and abundance of wildlife. For example, more than 200 species of birds have been recorded on Langkawi, some of which are only found on the island.
Because of its long isolation from the mainland, Langkawi has a rich tradition of legends and myths. One well-known tale tells of fairies bathing in the cool, healing waters of the seven pools of Telaga Tujuh. A mountain prince who once lived near the wells tried to capture one of the fairy maidens, but until today, they have remained elusive. It is believed that the unique lime trees and the sintuk, a climbing plant which has large pods, that grow around the pools were left behind by the fairies. Many locals continue to visit the Telaga Tujuh waterfalls to wash their hair and thereby cleanse themselves of bad luck.
In May 2007, UK trade publication Cosmetics Design recognized the Paul Penders line in an article describing Paul Penders' cold manufacturing process.
This technique keeps the bio-active ingredients in Paul Penders products at full strength, ensuring that they retain their potency to deliver maximum benefit.  LevensESSENTIE Gold, a proprietary blend of 22 organically grown ingredients, including herbs, plant based ceramides, vitamins, fruit based extracts and essential pure plant oils, is incorporated into many Paul Penders products, and therefore cold processing helps it to deliver optimum results. In contrast, products manufactured during a conventional heating process often lose potency, making them less beneficial.
Interest in all types of natural and organic skin care products continues to rise, with UK sales doubling between 2002 and 2005; sales in 2007 are expected to exceed 200 million, according to industry forecaster Organic Monitor.