The Paul Penders e-Newsletter: August 2008
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Paul Penders is Growing!
Coconut Water
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Paul Penders Keeps Growing – in China and Malaysia

Paul Penders is proud to announce that our Chinese factory can now begin producing Paul Penders natural organic herbal cosmetics for China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

After four years of hard work, the factory has received the important cGMP license. Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) is a designation awarded by state regulatory authorities after a rigorous inspection that demonstrates a factory adheres to global quality controls in the production of food or pharmaceutical products. In practical terms, it means that products produced in a cGMP plant can be relied upon to meet the toughest international standards of quality.

To meet rising demand for Paul Penders products in Asia, the company has recently hired three new marketing and purchasing staff in China. Sophia, Mary and Grace have all recently graduated from university, majoring in Business English. They will provide customer service and assistance for the China market.

In Malaysia, Paul Penders is also expanding, with a new Langkawi Geopark headquarters office opening later this year. The four-story building is ecologically “green”, with many energy saving features including a straw grass roof like local village homes. The office is surrounded by jungle plants and trees, and will soon also include a pegaga garden. At this location, the company manages administration, purchasing, and production of the LevensESSENTIE GoldTM herbal extract. Research and development with Dr. Ghani and Dr. Gatot is also conducted in Langkawi Geopark under the guidance of Dr. Mike Hession. Manufacturing, and packaging operations remain in Kuala Lumpur. Quality testing of all batches is conducted by an independent Australian ISO9000 lab.

Paul Penders Adds Coconut Water to Skin & Body Care Products

Fresh organic coconut water has long been known for its ability to regenerate, revitalize and moisturize.

Paul Penders will soon become first cosmetics company to include this unique ingredient in its skin and body care products through
LevensESSENTIE GoldTM herbal extract. The organic base of all Paul Penders products that has been shown to rejuvenate the skin, LevensESSENTIE GoldTM will now also contain cocos nucifera (coconut) water.

For many years, coconut water has been used for its medicinal and cosmetic properties in the Polynesian cultures of Tahiti and Southeast Asia.  Coconut water is rich in lipids, lauric acid and glucids, as well as many important minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, sodium. It also contains vital trace-elements like manganese, copper, zinc, iodine and selenium, and vitamins E and B.

When applied topically to the skin, coconut water therefore helps replenish necessary nutrients, restoring a healthy, youthful glow.

Although many products contain coconut OIL as part of their oil base, Paul Penders has not been able to identify any other companies that incorporate coconut WATER. This is a critical difference, since coconut water has been found to contain a greater proportion of beneficial ingredients than coconut oil. In fact, during World War II, soldiers in tropical fighting grounds who had lost blood were given transfusions containing only fresh coconut water; all survived, demonstrating the high level of nutrients contained in coconut water.

To read more about Paul Penders skincare products, please click here.

Green Meadow Corp to Distribute Paul Penders Products

Paul Penders organic natural cosmetic products will soon be distributed through Green Meadow Corp and we are very excited about working with this fine organization!

Green Meadow consists of a group of strategic partners active in holistic preventative medicine that sell products and alternative medical health services throughout Southeast Asia that includes the Wellness & Aesthetic Academy. Green Meadow Corp offers a wide range of holistic health services from vegetarian restaurants, quantum touch healing, dietary therapies, holistic nutrition, iridology and acupuncture to specific programs for beauty therapy certificate training including advanced diplomas.

In early August, Green Meadow visited Langkawi Geopark, touring the Paul Penders facilities and learning about organic skin care. This was also the first time that Paul Penders has hosted visitors in our (almost finished) new building!

Paul Penders eStore: Quick and Easy Online Ordering

The Paul Penders estore is the easiest way to order your favorite skin care, hair care and body care products!

Containing the full Paul Penders line, the estore provides detailed information for all products including descriptions, ingredients, sizes and directions for use. Ordering is fast and payment can be made with all major credit cards.

When orders are placed online through the Paul Penders estore, they are automatically fulfilled by estore staff in Europe and Langkawi. Designed and managed by Marcel Penders, the estore provides rapid delivery of orders, with most products arriving within a few days. Despite shipment from our warehouse in Malaysia, delivery costs never exceed $7.50, as Paul Penders subsidizes shipping costs.

To visit the eStore, please click here.