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Once upon a…cruelty free world

cruelty free, no animal testing

If you would have lived in the 19th century and born in the US, Canada or Europe, your life expectation would have been around the age of 47; and even shorter in other parts of the world!

Our parents, or grandparents have witnessed several uncontrollable illnesses that have decimated their generation. Smallpox, for example, claimed thousands of lives every year. Flu epidemics took their toll – one epidemic alone killed 20 million people in one year. ( 1918-1919) However, in spite of all the current diseases, the average life expectancy nowadays has increased by 25 years. The average age of a child that’s been born in many parts of the world is approximately 70 years. And that is, of course, the good news!

Ever since the industrial Revolution we have been living in paradoxical times. In the search for answers, humanity has used the life of many animals to improve or rescue our own. Even though it would be temporarily. But the use of animals in scientific medical research, raises moral and ethical issues that are not easily resolved. The price we pay for life quality improvement is high and controversial. We like living a life with high quality standards, but we tend to look the other way when it comes to consequences that go along with that comfortable lifestyle.

Animal testing on our fury friends, for example. Dogs, cats, rabbits, monkeys and many others have been sacrificed for the better cause of science and medical research. Virtually all diseases that have been banned or controlled in this century – like polio, diphtheria, mumps, measles, rubella, smallpox, and so on – have been overcome with animal testing.
Animal suffering for the better good of our health. The sacrifice is high and the price they have to pay is heartbreaking. But is there a solution?


Many doctors and scientists admit that something good has been achieved by opponents of animal testing. The key word to solution would be “alternative”. Scientists admit they may never reach the point where animal testing will be a thing of the past. But, whenever possible, they are constantly looking for alternative methods. Breeding methods and specific culture techniques are being used to avoid testing on animals whenever possible.

Alright; We all tend to accept that when it comes to the inquiry of severe medical matters, sometimes animal related testing might be needed.
But, ladies; here’s a question for our conscious:
Do we need to use a cosmetic product that is tested on animals? Or an even more sensitive question: Do we need to know wether the product we use, is tested on animals?

Let’s be honest; There is no excuse for torturing and killing animals for the sake of make-up, soap and other toiletries! Fortunately, in many parts of the world nowadays, animal testing for cosmetic products and their ingredients has been relegated to the history books. Instead, a lot of companies have developed new testing methods to guaranty that their products do not harm humans or animals.

For example, one famous research organisation in the USA funded work on a new skin test, that identifies chemicals which cause allergic reactions in humans. A study confirms that the new test works in different laboratories.
It’s based on the use of a 3-dimensional, human-derived skin model that accurately replicates many of the key traits of normal human skin and can be used instead of inhumane tests in which animals are injected with chemicals or have substances applied to their shaven skin.


Also new regulations drafted by China’s National Medical Product Administration, if passed, will ban senseless, cruel animal tests and thus sparing thousands of animals! Currently, the Chinese government requires tests on animals for all imported cosmetics and any special use cosmetics, regardless of where they were manufactured. However, the proposed new measure would bring the regulation of imported non-special use cosmetics in line with the requirements for those made domestically in China.

So, if even China is contemplating it’s need for animal testing on several inquiries, should not women all over the world, even more so be reconsidering the products they currently use? Or investigate about the ingredients that are being used? No animal should be poisoned or blinded for a consumer product—or for any other reason. By purchasing only cruelty-free products, you can spare sensitive rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, rats, and other animals a lifetime of suffering in lab tests and a painful death. Having said this;


  • All of the ingredients & skincare products from Paul Penders are never tested on animals
  • Paul Penders was the first in the Netherlands to go beyond the chemical based beauty products 50 years ago. Paul Penders was the first company to create purely natural, herbal, vegan and environmental friendly range of products, that were NEVER TESTED ON ANIMALS. In a next blog we will discuss more about Paul’s fight against animal testing for cosmetics. You can read more about our best skin care products on https://paulpenders.com/about-us/ & https://www.allnaturalskincare.us/about-paulpenders.php
  • The animal and earth protecting organisation PETA , has referred to Paul Penders to be a cruelty free, honest and environmental friendly company. https://crueltyfree.peta.org/company/paul-penders/

Paul Penders is not just the ordinary skincare! We are very proud that Paul Penders is one of the first Cruelty free cosmetics companies in the world!
SO,.. girls..who run the (cosmetic) world? Let’s all strive for a better world by doing what is possible within our reach; simply buying natural products that contribute to a safe and peaceful society for both humans as animals.