Latest Updates on Paul Penders

Lady with frangipani flower

Having your morning coffee under a Frangipani tree does not sound like a daily ritual for most of us. Having the opportunity to stay in Asia I am grateful to start my day with fresh fruit surrounded by tropical trees and flowers.
Not only makes the smell and environment me happy, but it also inspires me for new ideas for Paul Penders Botanical Cosmetics. The same feeling you can experience! We give our customers the best of our world through Paul Penders natural cosmetic products. A few new ideas and latest updates on Paul Penders you will find below:

When Paul Penders launched its care products 50 years ago, the focus was on the ingredients. During this period, Paul Penders developed one of the best herbal and natural organic components of our brand: LevensESSENTIE. The LevensESSENTIE contains 22 herbs grown in botanical gardens worldwide. Until today we use this extract of 22 organic herbs in all our products.

Another source of pride was the successful adoption of the ‘no chemical’ and ‘no animal testing’ philosophy for all our products.
Today, Paul Penders brand is well known for hair and skin beauty with care for the environment. But it doesn’t end there. To improve customer experience, we are getting bigger and better with better packaging designs and distribution channels in the US, European & Asian markets.

Why We Changed

Packaging is a theater that creates a story! At Paul Penders, our story is based on natural organic hair and skin care products. That’s what our new packaging design tells! We believe that every great design starts with an even better story. As such, the new design helps you know all you need to know about our products.

Moreover, the new packaging portrays the freshness and goodness of the ingredients we use on each product. The packaging design simplifies the composition of our products, making it easier for users to find beauty in truly herbal natural organic products. Besides, it also tells of our product formulation improvements, particularly Love in the Layers Shampoo, Herbal Lemon Conditioner, and Jasmine Shampoo.

Furthermore, the new packaging design continues to tell of our ‘no chemical’ and ‘no animal testing’ philosophy. You can be confident in our products with a clear outline of the ingredients used and globally recognized certifications such as GMP, Vegan and Halal. The certification marks are visible because we believe in honesty and helping customers choose us by trusting their intuition. Finally, the packaging design inspires and motivates our customers to know and use our products best.

Which Products Have a New Packaging Design?

Paul Penders Haircare Set
Paul Penders Haircare Set

While there are tens of Paul Penders natural organic products, the journey to enhance our package begins with three products. Just by looking at the new packaging design, you can know all there is to know about the product. Here are three products with new packaging designs and the meaning of each.

  1. Jasmine Shampoo – Our new Jasmine packaging design depicts freshness and beauty. The new packaging design tells of hair splendor, beginning with the jasmine flower that symbolizes love and beauty. Again, the jasmine flower’s white blossoms on the packaging indicate purity and naturalness. Besides, the black background signifies the shampoo’s power and dominance as a natural organic hair care product.
  2. Love In The Layers Shampoo – The new packaging for the Love in the Layers Shampoo is something that catches your attention instantly. The red-colored flowers are an indication of happiness on using the shampoo. Besides, including ingredients in the design aligns with our policy of openness and honesty with our customers.
  3. Herbal Lemon Conditioner – If you love that lemon smell on your cosmetics, Paul Penders’ Herbal Lemon conditioner is your best choice, and the new packaging design tells it all. The presentation of the lemon in the new design tells of longevity, friendship, and purification in hair care. Besides, you can also find the certification and ingredients used on the packaging.

R&D and future developments

We are planning to launch Paul Penders Hand Made Liquid Lipstick in 5 colors early 2023. Of course, without the nasty chemicals. Vegan & Cruelty Free. We are in the final stage of Research & Developing and very exciting about the results!

We also have plans to launch Paul Penders in 2023 in the 4th most populated country in the World: Indonesia. With a population of 270 million people, the main religion is Islam, followed by Christianity, Hinduism & Buddhism. We make sure that our products are suitable to use for everyone. We do this by following our strict certifications: GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), Vegan, Halal & Cruelty Free.
While Indonesia provides many natural ingredients, the market for pure natural products is growing. I believe Paul Penders botanical cosmetics are the perfect beauty products for everyone to use.