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How Does Your Cosmetic Brand Notice Earth Day 2022

Earth Day

It’s time to care for more than an attractive face, softened hair, and moisturized skin. Take care of the universe too. Look good for yourself while caring for the world around you. At Paul Penders, we pride ourselves on the best cosmetic natural products of all time. However, we consider it equally important to keep the world around us neat and clean. That’s why to us, Earth Day 2022 isn’t just an event, it’s a mark on the gains and expectations in creating sustainable beauty products. That’s why we are your best partner for all-natural makeup skin products.

Why Paul Penders is Home to the Best Natural Skin Care Products

At Paul Penders, we act boldly, broadly, and equitably to bring out the best of the universe. Thus, to us, it’s a partnership between us and those seeking the best for the planet. With the 2022 Earth Day around the corner, we are already in the mood. First, we still uphold our philosophy of “no chemicals” and “no animal testing.” Secondly, because we still offer you the best hair and skincare solutions. With our brand, you can be sure of all-natural cosmetics for both skin and hair care, and decorative cosmetics

So How Do We Do It

For most clean skincare brands like Paul Penders, caring for Mother Earth is easy and natural. Unlike in some industries, for a natural makeup brand, you can go green all the way. For example, in our case, we choose to remain vegan and organic. Hence, we discourage animal testing and build our brand on organic beauty products. Again, our connection to a better world doesn’t end with the product. We also have a friendly packaging policy

See Our Best Offers to Celebrating 2022 Earth Day

Natural Serums & Oils

In case you’re still searching for the best anti-ageing cosmetic natural skin treatments, Paul Penders has got you! First, all our cosmetic products are made from a mixture of fine herbs from our botanical garden. Therefore, you can be sure of no animal products use. Again, we maintain a no-pesticides use policy on our farms. Again, as it’s the case with all our products, we don’t do animal testing. Our best proof of acceptable Earth Care practices include;

  • Halal certification,
  • Certification by the American Vegetarian Association, and
  • Recyclable and reusable packaging containers.
Organic Creams

For this product, it’s well-expressed in the name. That makes it one of the best clean skincare brands you’ll ever find. Again, the mixture of different plant oils makes it one of the most effective natural makeup brands you’ll find around. Moreover, these creams offer a natural scent that helps boosts your mood. To save the world, our organic creams guarantee;

  • Biodegradable and reusable containers,
  • No testing on animals, and
  • Use of 100% herbs and botanical oils.

How Organic Are Our Products?

As a top organic cosmetic natural products brand, we are proud to care for the universe. Below are our top three sources of natural ingredients.


It’s a mixture of 22 organic herbs and the signature of all of our products. It has been in use since its discovery over 100 years ago.

The Herbal Ingredients

The company selects the best herbal elements from all over the world to help boost its brand.

The Essential Oils

At the moment, Paul Penders gets most of its essential oils from plants it grows within its botanical gardens. The oils are significant in balancing & soothing the skin.

What you can do

  • Use internet No trees
  • Pick up trash
  • Use of clean ingredients
  • push for plant-based ingredients

Read more on the Earth Day website what you can do here