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Natural Hair and Skin Food from Safe Botanical Vegan Ingredients

Natural Hair and Skin Food

If you’re looking for that thrilling, extraordinary beauty for your skin and hair, here’s a solution! At Paul Penders, we make it safe and all about the customer. First, we like it natural, and that’s why our products only contain vegan and botanical ingredients. Therefore, you have every reason to trust your health and safety are taken care of at Paul Penders. Don’t sell yourself short! Paul Penders is a deal you don’t want to miss for that natural hair and skin texture you’ve longed for!

Why We Chose Using Botanical Ingredients

Intrinsically, using Paul Penders products will always get you where no other brand in the cosmetic industry can! Anyone who has used our products before knows our success story, and you shouldn’t miss out! If you haven’t, then it’s time to try it out! You can be sure our products will thrill you! We aim at giving you a head start by outlining a few reasons why our natural cosmetic production line means much.

  • At the top of our reasons for going natural on our products is your health. Our organic elixirs and carrier oils aim to rejuvenate, radiate, and restore your skin and hair. At Paul Penders, we avoid chemical use in our cosmetics as part of our customer care. As a result our products are mild. Be safe! If you are looking for natural hair and skin products we are your brand! Keep it natural and buy Paul Penders here!
  • Our Philosophy. We say we want to keep it natural and vegan at Paul Penders, and we mean it! That’s why we never leave our philosophy of ‘no chemical’ and ‘no animal testing’ behind. It’s what makes us who we are! Because caring for the universe is part of our brand.
  • Our History – Your history is your identity, and at Paul Penders, we love what we have done! Our choice to go natural on cosmetics over 100 years began with the LevensESSENTIE Gold formula. And we still intend to keep it that way!

Paul Penders Care for Mother Earth

  • Natural, safe products. As the world seeks a way out of the climatic changes and planet destruction, Paul Penders leads from the front. Caring for the planet means going natural. And that is exactly what we have done from the start. We make all our products from organic botanicals. Other ways we have shown care for the earth include:
  • Non-pesticides and chemical use to grow our botanical ingredients.
  • Use of recycled and ECO-Cert containers.
  • A ‘no cruelty’ policy. Paul Penders has never and doesn’t condone the use of animals in testing the efficiency and associated risks of its products. We have been mentioned on the Beauty without Bunnies PETA website as cruelty free from the start. So if you care for the universe, you can be sure we stand with you on this one!
  • We are tested! We don’t just tell our success story, but our esteemed customers do it for us. The Paul Penders brand is both tested and accepted. Taking a look at the numerous reviews and feedback by our clients proves it.