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Natural Herbal Beauty Products & Quality Assurance

GMP License

From all over the world, pure natural ingredients arrive every day at the Paul Penders warehouse to be transformed into natural herbal beauty products of the highest quality.

An almost endless series of inspections begins to ensure the safety and quality of the products we make from start to finish. A first inspection is done to be sure the supplier has sent exactly what was ordered It is up to our hardworking warehouse staff to inspect and inventory all shipments in and out.

The ingredients to be used that day are carefully collected from storage and inspected again to be sure their containers did not crack or break in transit and the contents have remained pure and clean. Then our lab team gets to work mixing up small batches to carry out the requests from our distributors.

Quality Assurance is a step-by-step process with many checks along the way

Under special laboratory conditions, each batch is carefully measured, mixed, and once again — inspected for quality. Checks have to be done and done again to be sure products meet both governmental regulations and our own exacting standards. Our chemists have designed a special blending way of preparing the products which helps keep the freshness and prevents unexpected changes due to heating. They double check everything to be sure the new batch meets their exacting standards. Once the batch is ready, it will be tested once more by our international quality lab and get certified.

Then the fresh, new product is carefully poured into sterile containers. These bottles, jars or ampules of Paul Penders products are slipped into their specially designed packages. Final counts and inspections complete the process. The packages then go into their appropriate shipping boxes, mailing labels are put on and off go these carefully made, highest quality products to our distributors in countries all over the globe.

Paul Penders natural herbal beauty products are made under international Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) license, to assure the safety of the products and yours at every step along the way.

Click here for more info about us and follow this link to read more about the international GMP guidelines we follow at Paul Penders.

GMP License